Privacy Policy

NO PERSONAL INFORMATION.  This website does not collect personal information about you, nor does it transfer any information you submit to people outside of the Company.  Any information you submit to TurnKey Education, Inc. (“Company”) through this website, or through electronic mail, is solely at your discretion.

INTERNET IS NOT PRIVATE.  The Internet is an open environment.  As such, all of the information provided on this website is available for anyone to view, and all information that you send from this website, whether via a form or direct electronic mail, can be read by many persons, including those located at the many servers which are involved in transmitting your communication to the Company’s destination.
STATISTICAL TRACKING.  This website may utilize programs that track certain matters, such as the keywords you used to access it and the pages that you visited while you were here.  These programs do not require that any special program be saved on your computer in order for the information needed by the webmaster to be acquired.  Any statistical data acquired from your visit does not include any personal identifying information and is not shared with people outside of the Company.
CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION.   You should not send any confidential or privileged information across the Internet from this website, whether via form or electronic mail.  This website does not provide a confidential environment in which sensitive, protection-worthy, or privileged information can or should be exchanged.  
QUESTIONS.  If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement, please direct them to TurnKey Education, Inc., attention Cheryl Muré, President, at 211 Colonial Homes Drive, #2106, Atlanta, Georgia 30309; 404-281-9392.