Creative. Relevant. Comprehensive.

  • We create original, interdisciplinary field trip resources that are easy-to-implement with student groups of all ages and abilities.
  • Backed by over 20 years of classroom teaching experience, we research, write and organize ready-to-use, project-based lesson plans specifically with students and teachers in mind.
  • Our materials are correlated to national and state curriculum standards - an integral process often left undone – to ensure that your educators make the most of their field trip.
  • We understand the importance of STEM and STEAM learning and actively integrate this pedagogy into our classroom lessons and student activities.

Education Products

  • STEAM-focused K-12 Teacher’s Guides
  • Inquiry-driven, cross-curricular classroom content
  • Original, relevant, assessable lesson plans
  • Standards-compliant curriculum development
  • Self-directed education activities for Families, Students, Scouts
  • Staff-led school group activities
  • Community Outreach programming

Consulting Services

  • Focus Group Research: Teachers and Students
  • Creative Charrette: Education Premise
  • Concept Development: Desired Education Outcomes
  • Schematic Design: Education Narrative
  • Design Development: Education Content, Exhibits, Interactives
  • Education Marketing